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Road side Police are just Marketers...

I woke up this morning feeling so tired, the heat...unbearable! Someone suggested that last person to enter Hell seem not to have shut the door properly. #lol. I struggled off the bed, and then in split second felt like going back to bed, looking at my sleeping angel, but i quickly snapped out of it, this is Lagos! Reality check: Traffic, cursing drivers and their conductors, impatient passengers, Policeeeee, wait a minute, let me say Police marketers! Yes, Every road side Policeman in Nigeria are professional marketers. The have their targets, that explains why they are unforgiving, the competition is stiff.
I rushed down to the bus stop, there was a green bus waiting to convey people to my destination. I quickly rushed in beating some boys to what i considered a choice spot in the bus...beside the window. It is important for me to get that spot, I hate heat and with the current state of anger from the sun and all this dilapidated smoking Lagos buses, only a seat beside the windows can preserve my sanity. The bus took a while to move out, as the driver made effort to get more passengers. We had only been on the road for few minutes, when the bus was waived down by a police marketer wielding a big stick. It was one man show!
He asked for the bus driver's license and vehicle papers which he obliged. The Policeman went through it and seeing nothing to hold on to as an offence, he asked the driver to move off the road and park about few metres away, then he can walk back towards him, immediately everyone in the bus knew whats up...we all laughed!

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