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The Bread Constituency: Olajumoke Orisagun remembers her root.

Olajumoke Orisaguna has not forgotten her humble beginnings. The former bread seller reportedly dolled out money to 40 bread hawkers – giving the sum of N5,000 each on April 19.
When asked about her new apartment fully furnished and what the best part of the new place was, the grass-to-grace model said she enjoys every bit of the apartment adding that the best part is the bedroom.
She said it was a huge change compared to sleeping on bakery floors noting that it feels nice for her children to have their own room.
The model revealed that her morning routine includes praying, cooking, cleaning, wake\ing of the children then the family meal.
Speaking on what her husband does for a living, Olajumoke said he makes aluminium windows,and that they both are working to improve his business.
She however said she does not miss hawking. She added that she is focused on finishing school and facing her modeling business squarely.
If you have ever bought bread from Olajumoke,you would have as…

Shocking! “How Peter Okoye & BankyW Saved Teebillz From Suicide At Lekki Toll Bridge”

When Teebillz shared his suicide note this morning on IG while pouring his heart out about the demise of his marriage to Tiwa Savage, many of us thought/hoped he was just talking, but he wasn't. Tunji 'Teebillz' Balogun tried to commit suicide this morning by jumping off the Lekki- Ikoyi toll bridge and this is fact! According to an eye-witness named Chukwuma Ani, who witnessed the incident and was one of the men who pulled Teebillz off the bridge, he told LIB exclusively that around past 9 this morning while driving on the Lekki-Ikoyi toll bridge, a car hit his own from behind, damaging his car. He said he came out of the car and approached the driver of the vehicle that hit his. He didn't know who the man was (it was Teebillz) but he said he berated him for hitting his car and asked the man to come out and assess the damage caused to his car. The man looked at him and told him to leave…that he was there for a reason. That he was planning to commit suicide and Chukwu…


If anybody asks you this question, you may go angry or livid because it sounds so insulting. Why? You are never the type of person that would have an affair outside your relationship/marriage. Well, that is because you do not know what an emotional affair is. Emotional affair does not involve sex. It happens to people who are in courtship or engaged or married but very fond of somebody else who is not their spouse but if care is not taken and brake applied, it can lead to full blown sexual affair. Emotional affair does not only happen to people in bad, unhappy marriages. It can happen to happy couples, morally sound people and deeply spiritual individuals who love God with all their hearts and hate sin. It can even happen to great men and women of God. How then do they fall into emotional affair? Emotional affair is not easy to detect at the beginning. It all starts as plain, platonic friendship with the opposite sex whom you exchange ideas with and find admirable -that's all. Th…

Check out these maternity shots!!! Awwwwwww

Check out these maternity pictures, so lovely, right? I love it too, but I doubt if Nigerian women have this kind of patience o!

The Baby's expressions are so hilarious!!!

The Nigerian Parents' Child-raising strategy

Firstly, growing up with Nigerian parents is mega interesting.Reflecting on the things they often force us to do would leave many laughing hysterically.They make us serve them compulsorily.If you tried to stand against your parents there's a chance that you could win series of slaps doing so. I came across this today on Nairaland and I thought I should share. I am still laughing though. Chances are you would probably do same for your children too. 1. When You're Sent On Unnecessary Errands Nigerian mums are known for sending their children's on annoying errands.Imagine being called by your mum from a distance only for her to ask you to get her something within her reach.
2. When There's A Reason For You Failing At Something Nigerian parents love to jump into conclusion.Trying to explain a situation to them is almost impossible.Nigerian parents would be like.. "Why wouldn't you hit your head, when you wouldn't face where you're going..."
3. Are Yo…

No more BlackBerry OS 10 for the near Future

Very sad to read, that BlackBerry will build some Android Devices in 2016 an no more with BlackBerry OS 10! I read this on crackberry this morning. Though this does not come as a surprise as RIM/Blackberry haven't made much progress in the mobile business. Financially,it has been dragging-takeovers and change of name-and still so,the release of the Priv didn't do much to assuage their difficulties. Now, Blackberry has decided to go all Android in a bid to find their fit in the market. I have always loved Blackberry devices and didn't dream of leaving them until I tasted Android with its large App store,I knew I was missing something in Blackberry! There is so much you can do with an Android device...
I do hope that Blackberry make a provision for OS10 users to be able to cross to Android with their devices. I intend to get a higher Blackberry device but I'll wait to see how much the next Blackberry Android sells for. Why buy a Priv if I can get a Galaxy S6 for that …

NJC Recommends Two Judges for Compulsory Retirement for Misconduct

the council has suspended one of them, Gbaja-Biamila, from office with immediate effect in the interim and in exercise of its power under Paragraph 21 Sub-Paragraph (d) of the Third Schedule of the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, as amended.A statement issued by the  council and signed by its Acting Director of Information, Mr Soji Oye, gave the names of the judges as Hon. Justice O. Gbaja-Biamila of Lagos State High Court and Hon. Justice Idris M. J. Evuti of the Niger State High Court.While Gbaja-Biamila was recommended for retirement for refusing to deliver judgment within the time allowed by the constitution, Justice Evuti was compulsorily retired for falsifying his age.Oye said the council took the decision at its meeting which was held on 13th and 14th April, 2016The statement said:  "Gbaja-Biamila was recommended to the Governor of Lagos State for compulsory retirement from office  pursuant to the findings by the council on the allegations contained i…

Whoopi Goldberg and ganjapreneur!

Caryn Elaine Johnson better known as Whoopi Goldberg is in the news big time! The comedian and host of The View announced her own official medical marijuana business, which is a joint partnership with award-winning edibles maker Maya Elisabeth. Whoopi Goldberg is lending her name and financial backing to a new line of medical marijuana products designed specifically for women. Goldberg, who has been public about her own marijuana use, is one of a handful of Hollywood celebrities jumping into the marijuana marketplace. Bob Marley’s family has partnered with a cannabis company to produce Marley Natural products, and Snoop Dogg backs Leafs by Snoop. Goldberg said her “Whoopi & Maya” company received financial backing from three friends and family members, and she will serve as chairwoman. “I want to go nice and slow with this. I don’t want this to be a joke to people. It’s not a joke to women,” Goldberg told USA TODAY. The company she's co-founded offers four products:…

Painful: Ne-Yo dumps Wife after she agreed to tie her Tubes permanently!

Monyetta Shaw is the mother of singer Ne-Yo‘s first two children. Ne-Yo broke up with her when they were engaged, via the phone. He is now married to Crystal Renay with a newborn baby.

She has now opened up to NY Post about it again, as part of promotion for her new book –Bigger Than Me – after talking about it previously on a reality show she did with other entertainers’ exes – Atlanta Exes – including Kevin Hart and Usher‘s ex-wives.

When Ne-Yo got married recently, their children did not attend the wedding, and Monyetta said it was because of school obligations. However, she has now opened up on her TRUE feelings – that it hurts to see them parade their love on social media, and how is the new wife sure he won’t do the same to her?

Here are excerpts:

The Beautiful Beginnings
We first met in 2009 at a Jamie Foxx concert in Louisiana. He asked me out several times before I said yes — and then I fell for him fast. He had such a good heart, and that’s what attracted me to him.

The next …

The Child Marriage menance and the Constitution's romance!

Section 29 (4) (b) of the 1999 Constitution of the FRN provides that; "Any woman who is married shall be deemed to be of full age"
However Section 29 (4) (a) of the 1999 Constitution of the FRN provides the consideration for full age as "18years". This provisions are completely bipolar. Whilst one intends to safeguard, the latter is made to destroy what the former is protecting.
This constitution therefore entrenched child marriage! Where any law is inconsistent with the constitution, it becomes null and void,how then can child marriage be abolished when the constitution recognizes the a married woman who is less than 18years! The test of abolition of child marriage in Nigeria has failed,as the instruments of Government has closed their eyes to it. Yes, I know you would say this is rampant in the north,but there are residual in the south too. Anyway we are all Nigerians and for this purpose I would generalize.  I really appreciated the movie by Stephanie Linus (D…

Check out this Justin Bieber - Sorry Cover (Video)

This cover was done by "The Naija Boys", its depicts the Naija player's version of Justin Bieber - Sorry. Its hilarious. The video features Don Jazzy, Olamide and Dangote. Loooool. Watch Below

Download Here (MP4) Download Here (3gp)

Domestic Offences: Abandonment of Spouse and Ejection of Spouse

It is no longer considered strange in Nigeria, to hear that a spouse (particularly a man) has abandoned his responsibilities in the home and absconded either with another lover or even to an entirely unknown place. The Violence Against persons (prohibition) Act has now made it a crime to abandon one’s spouse, children and other dependants without sustenance and anyone guilty of this will face charges of imprisonment of not less than one year or a fine of not less than N100,000[Section 16 (1)- (3) of the Violence Against persons (prohibition) Act]. Even a person  who  receives  or  assists another  who, to his  or her  knowledge, committed this offence  is  considered an accessory after  the fact  and is  liable  on conviction  to a term  of imprisonment  not  exceeding 1 year or to a fine  not exceeding N1 00,000.00  or both[Section 16 (4) of the Violence Against persons (prohibition) Act] . Forceful ejection by any marriage partner is also now prohibited. Consequently, a…

[Music] Artiste Review: King of our Own Soul by Bestsa

BESTSA makes music different from the norm because he is SPIRIT MAN owned and his type of sound and music clearly depicts this, he mixes soul with his own type of sound which he calls SPIRIT MAN SOUND and he sure does plan and would take over the universe as a whole.

KINGS OF OUR OWN SOUL (the mixtape 1) is his first project as a professional artiste and he teamed up with SHOBA KING for the production of this masterpiece …currently he is working on his next project (an extended play) which would be released later this year.

BESTSA is one of the CHOSEN few INDIGO’S rising this end of time and he welcomes you all to this new era because REVOLUTION is us and our TIME is now, so JOIN THE ARMY and see the LIGHT. Download And Enjoy Bestsa – Kings Of Our Soul (The Mixtape) Below:-


Baby drinks beer but refuses formula (Video)

This is so hilarious and I wonder if the mother of this kid had not indulged in excessive consumption of alcohol during pregnancy, as this baby drinks like he was born to do it. Hehehehehehehehehe Watch Video Below

Download Here

Do we have the Champs?

Today Leicester has proven to be worthy of being crowned as the English Champions. I had resigned to them winning with what seems to be their new custom of one-goal for 3points, but Vardy decided to make it two, anyways the team seems very much ready to take the crown. I wish the well. Below is the highlight of the game against Sunderland.

BlackBerry plans to release two new Android phones

BlackBerry CEO John Chen is not done with phones yet: He confirmed on Friday plans to release two new Android-powered BlackBerry handsets for 2016 that will cost around $400 for consumers.
Mr. Chen warned analysts and reporters that the company might exit the smartphone business by fall, 2016, if the division didn’t start making money. The CEO suggested in an interview with The National, an Abu Dhabi-based newspaper, that one of the new devices would have an integrated physical keyboard while the second would be touchscreen-only.
Mr. Chen acknowledged the company’s first Android phone was priced too high at $700 and had been a slow-selling disappointment.
“People do like our Priv, but there’s a much more limited audience and that segment seems to be saturated at the moment,” he said. The handset unit sold 600,000 units in the quarter, down from 700,000 in the quarter previous. I really do hope that Blackberry gets it right, now that Facebook and Whatsapp will discontinue updates for thei…

Who you epp? Toyin Aimakhu's Freestyle

Toyin Aimahku: This is one lady who is never tired of controversy, in my opinion she does love controversies, she loves been in the news and will do anything to stay in the news. Now don't get me wrong I am not saying she divorced to stay in the news, but for someone who takes so much pleasure in having her per minute activity online (without being paid for doing so like the kadarshians), everything is working to keep her in the news.
The latest is the new freestyle she just released with Olamide (Baddo)titled "who you epp?". I listened to the track today and I will not deny you the opportunity to do same, download it here, but I doubt if this would find its way into your favourite track anyway or might probably not even last a day on your To serious matters, the purpose of this song is not to make it into your favourite list of songs, it's definitly not. I listened to the whole track and my conclusion is (the obvious though) the track was meant to take …

Another success story for Waje.

Vivian Iruobe aka Waje got celebrated on Guardian woman cover as she shares her success story of motherhood, her passion for helping others especially women as an entrepreneur and activist.
She also added in her words that "as musicians, we are is not just about the parties and enjoying ourselves. but one way or the other, we should als use our songs to mirror what people are going through, so they know we understand and are going through some of those problems..."
Waje the Diva, Activist, Entrepreneur And Mother is really making us proud, not only with her music but also with her passion for empowering others.One well known act of kindness and giving back to the society among others is "The Waje safe house project"an initiative aimed at supporting NGO’s and causes that need help to achieve their goals and targets across Africa. The scope of the initiative spans from poverty eradication, education, health to girls and women rights. keep it up THE…


Now this is simply new and dynamic! Imagine a queue where everyone is gorgeously dressed and each hold in between a 5Litres - 25Litres of Petrol, you wonder? They are all holding their pass!!! Simi will soon start selling black market, Hehehehehehehehehe. My concert is coming up o, the gate fee will be between 1-5goats. #walkingawayfa

Handgun when folded turns smartphone

One man wants to make concealing guns easier. He created a pistol that folds into what looks like a smartphone, easy to carry and hard to detect. Kirk Kjellberg of Minnesota while speaking to NBC News said he got the inspiration for the handgun after a little kid saw his concealed pistol in a restaurant and told his mom, bringing unwanted attention to him.  The pistol itself is a double-barreled .380-caliber derringer that only holds two bullets and can only be fired when it is folded out. It isn't available 
For sale yet and the patent is still pending, but it looks like Ideal Conceal has the intention of producing it.
An Ideal Conceal prototype is slated for June, with sales beginning in October. The gun is listed for $395. The problem with his product is it may stoke fears rather than quell them while some think otherwise as more than 4,000 people around the world have expressed interest in buying it, says Kjellberg .

Hillarious Baba and Mama Peace dance floor scene!

The pictures below were some pictures shared on Facebook, it was shown to me by a senior colleague and I think it's worth sharing, especially in this #change period where there is hardly much to ROTFL for. Enjoy it.

Ain't this funny!!! I bet you atleast smiled. I love Baba Iyabo...the man always amaze me. hehehehehehehe

A Woman can be guilty of raping a Man

"No man is above the law and no man is below it..." - Theodore Roosevelt.
That is the maxim, but for a long time, women has been above the law of rape. Before you crucify me, take a chill pill, I am very much aware that women are the colossal victims of rape. BUt we can not because of sentiment decide to close our eyes to the injustice done to men, atleast women are the one championing the cause of equality! *shrug*. And if you are a guy and you think be raped by a woman is a pleasurable experience...SMH for you, pray you never experience it. The society generally see men as the “unrapeables” especially when the allegation is about a female-on-male rape, but that is not true! The Violence Against persons (prohibition) Act (VAPP) was passed into law in May, 2015. The Act was a result of agitations for protection of persons against the different forms of violence. Violence, both at the home front and the larger society, is fast becoming a trend in the recent day Nigeria. …

Lepacious Bose is now really lepa

Popular comedienne Lepacious Bose has shared an awe-inspiring photo of her ongoing weight loss. Lepacious Bose, whose real name is Bose Ogunboye, had called herself Lepacious as a play on her size, but began a weight loss campaign.
Writing on her Instagram page, Bose talked about the struggles of losing weight, of occasionally falling behind and having to fight right back.

In the inspirational post, she added that though a slimmer frame had health benefits, people shouldn’t think it was a solution to everything, saying “you’d still have a bad day in the office, moments of self doubt, times when you feel undervalued.”
See the post on Instagram, quite inspiring...

To know how much she’s lost, see a photo of her before the weight loss right after

 Thumbs up to the minister in the temple of justice!