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No more BlackBerry OS 10 for the near Future

Blackberry 10 Devices
Very sad to read, that BlackBerry will build some Android Devices in 2016 an no more with BlackBerry OS 10!
I read this on crackberry this morning. Though this does not come as a surprise as RIM/Blackberry haven't made much progress in the mobile business. Financially,it has been dragging-takeovers and change of name-and still so,the release of the Priv didn't do much to assuage their difficulties. Now, Blackberry has decided to go all Android in a bid to find their fit in the market. I have always loved Blackberry devices and didn't dream of leaving them until I tasted Android with its large App store,I knew I was missing something in Blackberry! There is so much you can do with an Android device...

I do hope that Blackberry make a provision for OS10 users to be able to cross to Android with their devices. I intend to get a higher Blackberry device but I'll wait to see how much the next Blackberry Android sells for. Why buy a Priv if I can get a Galaxy S6 for that price!

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