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7 Ways Parents Can Protect Their Children From Sexual Abuse

There is an increasing rate of child sexual abuse in Nigeria and sadly, most parents either choose to ignore or deny this fact.
We can't deny the fact that more and more children are becoming victims of sexual abuse on a daily basis.
The media is flooded daily with reports of adults sexually molesting children and some of these children are within two to five years.
Sometimes the adults claim that they were seduced but, how does a two-year-old child seduce an old man of 60 or 70 years.
Sexual abuse of children should be of concern to everyone because children are not safe anywhere, not even in the comfort of their homes.
What measures can parents and guardians take to protect their young children from sexual abuse?

1. It's not too early to talk about sex: Parents and guardians needs to educate both boys and girls about sex. Some parents don't want to talk to their children about sex but they really should because children are being exposed to different images through the internet, television and newspapers.

2. Trust no one: In most cases, abusers are not strangers but people that are close to the family. If you have people living with you, you have to really be observant before you end up in regret. If your children are sleeping out, make sure the people are reliable before you allow your child to spend time at their house. There's nothing like being too careful.

3. Parents should not leave their children without supervision : Keep watch on your children. You should know where your children are at all times and what they are doing.

4. Watch out for signs : If you notice changes in your child's behavior, you need to do something. Abuse is not usually as obvious as high fever but there may be some signs that your child is in trouble and needs counseling.

5. Form a close bond with your children : Let your children be free to tell you anything. Encourage your children to talk to you about their day, friends and everything that goes on in their lives.

6. If you suspect abuse, take action: Don't just keep it to yourself, take action. If you find out your child or ward has been a victim of sexual abuse, contact relevant authorities. Abusers must face the law.

7. Avoid unnecessary exposure : Parents of these days want their children to keep up with what's in vogue and so they dress them in certain ways. Avoid exposing your children unnecessarily. A lot of parents assume their kids are still very young so what they wear does not matter. But, you should know that not everybody thinks that way, especially these perverts who are turned on by young children.

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