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[Updated] The Positive way: UNA Primary School, Oke Agbo receives donations from PositiveMates Foundation

It was a great day of giving back to the Society by PositiveMates Foundation and the recipient this time was the United Native African Primary School Oke Agbo Ikorodu LGA, Lago State. The School is located at Gberigbe area, about 50 minutes drive from Ikorodu garage. On the #0th day of May,  2016 the Foundation visited the School as part of its programme to give back to the Society. In achieving its aims and objectives the Foundation recognizes the needs of the Society and in its capacity contribute to assuaging the effect of same. The School was founded some years before Independence and it has definitely not seen the same development as its counterparts in other part of the state.

The School still uses chalkboards and two classes makes use of one hall, backing each other while the teachers teaches. The School also lacked sufficient teaching and writing materials. All these prompted the Foundation to visit the School and see how they can be of help. The Foundation donated several materials; writing and teaching materials to the School. The Foundation also organized talk shows, and had fun chatting with the primary school students. Members of the Foundation give advice to student on career choice and how to excel in their studies and life.Members emphasized to the students not to give up, as what they see today does not determine who they will become, but with focus their dreams can come true!
Everyone enjoyed the event and the students in particular were grateful to the Foundation for the materials presented to the school.

See below more pictures of the event...

the professional carpenter hanging the donated White Board

Big Bim (PositiveMate) presenting mosquito nets to the student at the event

Cross section of Staff of the School, with Skippo Alhaji (in Red Shirt)

Presentation of teaching Materials- in the middle is Mrs. Temitope-Ajayi (aka Fun)

From Left: MM, Abby, MumD, Paulo, Fun, HRH and Laraaaaa
Valetino (rigth) presenting materials to the School

Donated whiteboards

....and its fun time!
From Left: Lyke, Yinkus and Abby

from Left: Glintz, Big Bim and Skippo Alhaji

Magic, international photographer (aka Metuselah)

The children having a nice time with Magic aka Metuselah

Its Fun making sure all is in order

Skipping Alhaji...something is up fa

more update soon...


  1. Great! I must be at the next event.

  2. It was indeed a great event.... It's nice to see how much people love charity... We say thank you all..

  3. Thanks to both Donors and those present at the charity event.

  4. It was indeed a great event.... It's nice to see how much people love charity... We say thank you all..


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