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Android N now officially has a name: Meet the new Android Nougat...

Finally, at long last and after a period of consulting with public opinion, Google has announced the official name of Android N, it is called *drum roll*: ANDROID NOUGAT. Yes, the people have spoken and they wanted Android 7.0 to be named after the nutty confectionary, the stuff that, amongst other places, you find inside a Mars bar. With the announcement of the name confirmed and talk already in circulation from major OEMs on forthcoming updates, it appears the final rollout is not terribly far off. Not to mention that after a long period of mysterious silence rumours and leaks are suddenly hotting up about the next crop of Nexus phones from HTC - the Sailfish and Marlin. In all likelihood these two phones will be launched within the next couple of months around the same time that Android Nougat is officially pushed to existing Nexus products. As per usual, third parties like Samsung and LG will prep their software updates to follow in the run up to Christmas and New Year, and into 2017. Where the whole cycle will start all over again!
Google talked about its plans for Android in the future pretty extensively at this year’s Google I/O 2016. The company has ideas about how it can solve fragmentation in its platform, but these are just ideas and it will still be quite some time before we see any advancements in this regard.
Something is required, though. Recent figures from Google’s Android Usage Page reveals just 10% of current Android handsets are running Android Marshmallow — that is an exceptionally low figure for a platform as big as Android. Even more so when you compare adoption rates to Apple’s iOS platform, despite the differences between how Google and Apple do things.

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