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Inventor Builds ‘Ghost Phone’ A Phone That Only You Could See And Work On

In just four months a Turkish inventor Mr. Celal Goger from Diyarbakir invented a new way to hide the iPhone information using a special screen used with glasses. This will help you to read or hide all your private messages or chats and emails on your smartphone.

While reading private messages or chats and emails on your smartphone in public, you can never be too assured which intrusive eyes could be stealing a look. Yes, this is one of the most obvious and disturbing problems that we face while commuting in public transport or in public places.

But, today we will share something really amazing which will really shock or amaze you, as well as it will also ensure you that messages or chats and emails whatever you are reading on your smartphone in public transport or in public places is just for your eyes only.

In just four months a Turkish inventor Celal Goger from Diyarbakir invented a new way to hide the iPhone information using a special screen used with glasses. Yes, in just four months, the Turkish inventor came up with the ‘Ghost Phone’, which he plans to name C.COGER I.

The Turkish inventor Mr. Celal Goger from Diyarbakir said that “If I can get funding I am planning to take this project further and install an “on/off button” on the phone which means that the user can decide whether to activate the function or not”.

According to the Turkish inventor Mr. Celal Goger from Diyarbakir, the phone is modified using a chip which makes the screen appear white and the second chip in a pair of glasses then connect to the phone, making the screen visible to the wearer.

The Turkish inventor Mr. Celal Goger from Diyarbakir also added that “Someone’s phone is a very personal item and I think it’s extremely disrespectful when other people stare at it. When I finished my invention I started telling people about it but nobody believed me. They thought it must be some kind of magic trick until they saw my invention which left them absolutely gobsmacked”.

But, yet no other information have been published so far regarding the invention, as well as it is also still unclear when this ‘Ghost Phone’ will be available in the market and how much it will cost.

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