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The HP Spectre 13: The World’s Thinnest And Most Beautiful Laptop In The Market Right Now

HP took its creativity to the limits with the HP Spectre 13 Laptop. Bringing a rare blend of black aluminum with copper accents around the edges, hinge casing, etc, the Spectre 13 is sheer ‎Beauty to behold.
The sweet part is that it ain’t all about its Beauty, as it packs enough features and processing power into its really slim build of 10.4mm to make the MacBooks of this World, green with envy.
It’s carbon fiber aluminium build architecture screams pure luxury in looks and feel complimented by th‎e 2-tone colour accents. The Corning Gorilla Glass display stretches end to end and forms a major highlight for it when switched on.
HP has been able to incorporate an impressive breakthrough cooling system called the Hyperbaric Cooling System within the Spectre 13 laptop to aid the optimal performance of ‎its Intel Core i5/i7 processors. The system involves pulling in cool air to be blown over the processors all the time and thus preventing overheating while maintaining optimum CPU performance.
Under the hood, the Spectre 13 packs 4 Polymer batteries that keeps its tasks going for up to 9hrs. In the mix too, are 3 USB Type C ports guaranteed to facilitate data transfer speeds of up to 40GB faster than the regular USB ports. It’s Audio Boost technology sees the dual Bang & Olufsen speakers channel sounds to enhance your multimedia experience.
See its specs in full

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