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Note 7 sales halt, due to battery issue...

In what appears to be a business blunder, Samsung has hit the bed rock this time. We all remember how Note 7 was released just a few days back. Looking like another hit from Samsung, but the phone itself has caused a massive sales halt for Samsung Courtesy: “explosive batteries”. Yes you read it right there is a major defect in Note 7’s big powerful muscular battery.

Not even few weeks have passed and this major issue has hit Samsung hard. According to source reports that many first lot phones have suffered from this volatile battery issue which causes the phone to explode randomly. Samsung says that there have been a total of 35 such incidents reported across the globe. If you do a little math (which we at our offices did I assure you), there have been 24 such defective pieces for every million sold. The issue is not just about utility but about public safety as these devices are literally exploding. To avoid any further injuries and accidents major carriers like Verizon, Sprint and AT&T have jointly suspended the sales of Note 7. Samsung has released an official statement and assured the people that they are working to fix the issue. Looks like Samsung, the carriers and those 35 most unlucky people are stuck in the Titanic of sales which is continuously sinking and hitting very hard with no chance of escape (almost). As for now companies are busy preparing insurance strategies and no one knows what’ll happen next.  

By Anish Jha

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