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Sexual Assault: Catwoman defends herself against Batman

I decided to do this quick recount before it becomes over taking by event…ehm, before I forget to do so. No time to read over for errors. I'm serving it fresh and hot.
On this fateful day, I had decided to join the coaster bus ride home, for two reasons, it’s got better seats and arrangement than the popular yellow buses (LT and Paragon), it would also arrive faster at my destination, albeit its more expensive than the yellow buses.
I sat down, I can’t say in peace though, you can hardly be on the street of Lagos and expect that tranquility of Beverly Hills, as commuters strolled into the bus indecisively. It took a while before the bus got filled and ready to go. A young lady, had been in the bus for as long as I had been, some few seats behind me, surrounded by male commuters, she was the only female within 3 rows.
The journey started slowly, because at this time of the day in Lagos everything goes slowly. The journey started uneventful, besides the occasional ranting of passengers aggressively asking the harsh bus conductor for their change.

However, this was to change within the hour. The young Lady referred to earlier,  suddenly screamed at the top of her voice, abusing someone in the strongest possible tone her lungs could take. She said “are you mad”, “are you a bastard”, “you are bastard”, “I will slap you”, immediately the driver put on the hell of a bus bulb, which further made the event look like an horror movie(we go manage am), and it was confusing to see the girl shouting and there seem to be no reaction from any of the men around her. But she seem to be venting her anger on the elderly man beside. The said man looks to be in his late 30s’ or early 40s’. while everyone was asking the man, if he knew what was wrong with the lady, the man responded with a shrug, like "I don’t know", and the came the thunder! The young lady suddenly gave the man a manual-reset slap, twice, one on his left cheek and another behind his head. The sound was thunderous and stupendous, this further accentuated by the lack of hair on the said man’s head. I almost swear I felt a little of pain myself.
What in the world could make this lady slap someone much older in this man! We were all confused. The lady continued looking at the man and said “if you dare behave as if you don’t know what is wrong I will slap you again”, then the man said “please calm down, its ok…” the statement remained uncompleted as at the time of filing this report (in NTA reporter’s voice). The lady cut him short with a far more pleasure-deleting-manual/flashing-resetting slap. Even I, was like “ikunle abiyamo o”!!!
Well that’s the beginning of the lousy event. Your guess on the action that gave rise to this event is as good as I will tell you, but I would still relay same anyway. The lady had accused the man of inappropriately touching her, when he thought she had slept off. She laid her head on the row of the chair before her, and man assumed she was asleep. The lady at first thought it was her bag that was disturbing her, but on moving the bag, she saw… and she lost her cool.

Now, here comes the distressing part, the audience was divided on the justification of the young lady’s action! While some were for her, some were terribly against her to the point that a young man said he was going to beat her up and waste her life! Unfortunately for the young lady, there were only three other women in the bus to defend her and only few men supported her action. As you may know, there were neutrals, who simply laughed at the event. The voices of the other women were drowned by the constituency against the position. Their argument was simply ”no matter what the man had done, it was wrong for her to have slapped an elderly person in that manner”. To them the punishment was incommensurate. Some also condemned her top clothing saying a portion of her breast was revealed, and “We have different kind of bodies” some can just not hold themselves when they see such. These bodies according to them were designed in this manner by God, and they can’t help it. Some brought in religion saying that it was because of this kind of occurrence that men and women are not allowed to sit together in their faith.
We argued for almost an hour and afterwards we laughed about it, when the man suddenly came down from the bus at the nearest bus stop. We were all sure he intended going further but the shame was too much to bear. The man didn't say a word all through his stay in the bus. His guilt wos so loud. People turned around to see his face, they wanted to put a picture to the actor of the short movie. The Lady remained in the bus and endured the argument for and against. I was alarmed when an elderly man who I believe would be the oldest of all the audience made argument in support of the man who assaulted the young lady. I asked him one question, “sir, if she was your daughter and you heard her screaming after she had been molested, would you castigate her for slapping the man?”, his answer, “my daughter  won’t dress this way”.
I fully understand why rape victims keep quiet, and continue in depression whilst the assailant continues to brag of his adventures. We as men are yet to come to full terms that even though the woman was made from the bone of a man, the woman is not an extension of your “koboko” (in D’banj’s voice).
I am glad the young lady fought for herself, she has been violated but she dealt with the violator. I am also glad the man acknowledge his guilt by not responding in kind, the story won’t have been the same if he did. Please, say NO TO TOUCHING WOMEN WITHOUT CONSENT and if you do I pray you keep receiving manual reset slaps. Ladies when a guy touches inappropriately and you are indeed sure it is deliberately, don’t just sit down and cry, my dear help the guy and do a manual reset, his system is simply overloaded and a manual reset will do just fine.
If you have had such an experience as this, kindly share with us, send your story to, i'll be glad to share it.
Peace out.

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