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Unflattering Image of 2017?: The Need for a Change

It’s the year 2018! It is going to be a decisive year. I feel it in my spirit, for everyone more especially between the ages of 20 – 40 years, this is a defining moment. If you miss it, you might never be able to recover what the year will offer in the next 20 years of your life. I, more especially believe that this year holds the key to 2019 and beyond for the “country” Nigeria. I had some experiences in 2017 that has made it clear to me that 2018 is a make or mar. I am “living” serious! 

Few years ago we voted into office our oldest president! 2019 we might be voting the oldest again setting a new record by breaking the former set by the same person. There are few highlights for me with lessons to learn. I spent about N24,000 on data and I barely made N10,000 doing that, I intend to get returns this year. Besides seeing Woli Agba’s videos on Instagram, a whole lot of other videos did nothing to improve or cheer me up. I spent so much making calls for on employer’s behalf that were literally a total loss to me as I didn’t get any value in return for that (the calls were not on the house or reimbursed). I was as honest as I could be, but it looked like dishonest people got more value (I still intend to be honest but wise). Now I could rant all through the pages about a whole lot of stuffs from 2017, but one thing is crystal clear to me and should be to you, God didn’t bring us this far so we could do the same thing every year! Remember it is insanity to do the same thing over and over again, while expecting  different results each time, if you don’t do better, you can’t get further. God was immensely good to me in 2017. I got delivery of something I had been praying to receive for years. Hurray!

Now, straight to my objectives for the year 2018. God spoke to me via His word before the end of 2017 and it came in the book of 1Cor16:9 which reads “A great door and effectual is opened unto me and (not but) there are many adversaries”. First thing to note, God opens a door/solution for triumph in all our challenges but there will always be adversaries. Today, the greatest of our adversaries as youths is the refusal to dream, if I may say it that way. A whole lot of youths have no dream! No goal of what they intend to become. The second adversary is for those of us who have dreams, we never commence the process of fulfillment for 1001 reasons. Yeah, the government is bad, the economy is not growing, but that is because our dreams are materialistic not to make the world better.
Practical steps now:
1.           If we want to take over the future of the country as youths we must visualize it and the start the process! I am extremely encouraged in this and I believe that this is possible. Of the people outside our youth clique, Madame Oby Ezekwesili is a staunch supporter. We have recycled for too long politicians who refuse to let go the reins of power for personal benefits. Now it is time to establish a platform, with clear objectives. Infact, lets have platforms, let the goals be engineered towards taking over our future.
2.           The only way to change Nigeria is not by going to politics. We can do a whole lot from outside that arena that will eventually change the game of politics. I am starting a youth alive campaign, that would see the Nigerian youths all around the world collaborate to make a “change “.
3.           We have to read! This is the greatest challenge of the black world. Reading. For some who do, they read but not to edify. Until what you read becomes a part of you, you have read in vain. A whole lot of degrees are in vain. This year, I am setting a target of reading not less than 5 books a month and I have started with "Wining the war against poverty" by Dr. David O. Oyedepo. I would really love to read a book about the ideas of Oby Ezekwesilli, a whole lot them in one place.
4.           Always be driven by a desire to give and you will always receive. Money is not the only thing you can give, don’t be a fool.

There would be adversaries, but what you don’t believe, you cannot receive. You can only take as far as your eyes can see. I intend to vigorously pursue my dreams this year, I would have no apology for any “friend” who is to be dis-friend for non-compliance, you will not need some acquaintances this year and you will need to make some new ones, ensure that they are like minds. If I do not leave a better world for my children, then I have failed, because money will always fail but love never fails. I still have love left to spend for this “country”.

The time to act is now!


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