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Positive Mates Foundation: 2018 Annual Charity day visit to Modupe Cole

Writing about the struggle of Democratic dispensation in Nigeria is nothing spectacular, so much has been writing about same. A lot of the information in the public sphere however does not necessarily represent picture of what is going on. We have had a turbulent 2018 so far, however it will get better now that election is on its way money will soon be pumped into the polity to create a momentarily Life-Is-Good atmosphere ensuring we show up at the polling station for the ritual.

All that said and known, I strongly believe that the desired change we seek begins from us –individually. If you won’t do a thing to help your neighbor, how do you expect Aso Rock who your neighborhood to lend you a hand. The country is blessed, no doubt but we are here because the blessed refuse to be a blessing to others and we therefore have “full tanks” that stinks for lack of distribution. Positive Mates Foundation (WorldWide) – with members spanning across 3 countries and 2 continents)- is a group of vibrant individuals driven by the passion to ensure a better world, through charity. I am a Positive Mate and it’s easy to remain positive if only charity is behind all your desires. The hand that gives never runs dry.

On the 29th day of May, 2018 Nigeria celebrates the return to democracy, Positive Mates celebrates Democracy with the blessed children of Modupe Cole, UNILAG Road, Akoka, Lagos. The Mates arrived in great spirit and had fun interacting with the children of Modupe Cole. Gifts were presented to the children, but most importantly the children had fun playing and interacting with their visitors. The children took pictures with the Mates and laughed with them. It was a great joy to behold such scenes. I have always said that giving is not limited to money, what made the children laugh was not about the gifts but the humor in the visit. This is a memory that both parties will cherish and I thought it was worth a mention on this blog.
We all need to know that no good is without a reward, where it is done with genuinely for no gratification. If we help each other, the society would be in no lack and we will raise children with a better perspective to life than ours. When this happens we will have better people in power and we will then have a Nigeria of our dream. It is a common slang that “chop alone will die alone” but in Nigeria, most who have “chopped alone” didn’t die alone, the ones who didn’t participating the eating have suffered more consequences than those who perpetrated the act. If you cannot live for others, you cannot claim to live for God.

I’d like to appreciate the management of the Modupe Cole, UNILAG Road, Akoka. Thank you for giving a platform for these children to make a meaning out of life and enjoy living. To all Mates, Magic –ex-Metuselah-, Abby(she was the slay queen of the day), HRH, Fun (official Banker of the Green Club-lol), Sholly Green and all official members of the Green House, Mum Dee, Skippo Alhaji (official Patron of the Green Club), Tomiwo, Dr. Matti, iLami (official photograph with too much repetition of shots…arrrrg), and make I no forget MM o (the spark of the party, any party). To every member not mentioned, God bless you all. God’s blessing will continue to abound in your lives, so you can also give unto every good work. Cheers.

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